April 15

Life in Space

Life in space


Have you ever wanted to see stars up close? Have you ever wanted to feel weightless? If you answered yes to those questions , then you might be interested in being  a astronaut.. However , the job of being astronaut is hard.

Not only is being an astronaut hard on their body ,  but they  need to train  a lot  before  going into space, they have difficulty jobs while going into space .

First, being in space is hard on the astronaut is hard body. According to source #2 astronauts other bones also get weaker,”  on earth , we run around to exercises  with gravity with helps our muscles  and bones grow strong.  In space their is no gravity , so astronauts have to  exercise extra hard to keep their muscles and bones strong. If you see astronauts headed to space with a treadmill, now you no why.

Next… the job of a astronaut is medical, driver, fixer,

Explorer , scientist,. Astronauts eat and drink floating.

Astronauts do not have it easy. As you have read just going into space can harm an astronaut’s body.

Even before  they go into space they have to train for

Hours to prepare. Once they are in space they have difficult jobs to do. So next time you look at the stars and see a satellite drifting through the night sky, remember all the hard work astronauts did to make that happen.  


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March 14

Our Family Walk

12241529_10208034596806828_3154996188346447408_n   Cooper Climbing wall   Duckpond River

Every after noon I go for a walk. It’s about three miles long. We walk from our house, down along the Tualatin river and through Browns Ferry Park.

My Mum and Dad walk, I either walk or ride my scooter and my little brother Dexter goes in the stroller. He gets out and walks every now and again but he can’t walk the whole way because he’s still little. We walk past the duck pond and see the birds. Sometimes there is an otter down there too. There are lots of ducks and geese. At the pond is a wall for bird watching, but I like to use it for a climbing wall. I always run ahead as soon as I see it so I have time to climb in before Mum and Dad catch up to me.

We also see some snakes on our walk. There is one tree that, on fine days, has 3 snakes that like to live there. I always look out for them when we walk past.

At the end of our walk is a big hill. My Dad and I always have a race to see who can get up it first. There is a pole at the top which we pretend is a buzzer like on American Ninja Warrior. I beat my Dad most of the time.


March 8

Cookies vs Fruit

Christmas_Cookies_Plateful              fruit-salad

Purpose: My purpose is to convince my mom that cookies are better than fruit.

Purpose: My purpose is to convince Cooper that fruit is better than cookies because it is healthier.

Cooper: I think cookies are better than fruit because you can pick what flavor you want.

Example: Cookies are yummier than fruit!

Kym: Fruit is natural and contains lots of vitamins and minerals to help keep you healthy.

Example: Fruit contains natural sugars, whereas cookies usually contain refined sugars.

Cooper: I think cookies taste better than fruit.

Example: Cookies taste better than fruit!

Kym: Fruit has so many ways to be eaten.

Example: You can consume fruit in it’s natural state, use it in smoothies, with yoghurt, make popsicles, use in deserts and in summer salads! Yummy!

Conclusion: These are the reasons why I think cookies are better than fruit!

Conclusion: Fruit have more vitamins than cookies.

February 16

The Coolest Inventions Of 2015

I think self hovering board is the most important invention of 2o15.

The wheels are made out of rubber.

Wear a helmet and pads to protect you when you ride it.

You can buy it at Amazon and Amazon Prime.

I hope you enjoyed my post about the self hovering board.



i think its the coolest invenion  becouse  you just need feet. you can have fun with it and you need one

and its cool. my conclusion is it

February 1

Ice Skating

A while ago, we went Ice Skating out at Sherwood. There was my Mum, Dad, brother Dexter, our friends Ryan and Hahn and ME!

Ice skating was harder than I thought it was going to be. I fell over a lot, but every time I did, I got back up and tried again. My parents were proud of me that I kept trying. Dexter didn’t like it!!

And guess who else was there? We saw Coen & Emme! That was a great surprise.

I can’t wait to go back and ice skate again!


January 28

Swinging at Recess

My favorite thing to do at school is play on the swing set with my friends at recess.   I  love jumping off of them.

They are cool to play on, because I can jump off of them when I am high up in the air.  I run to the swing set each time.

January 26

The Soldier Crab


The light blue soldier crab, also known as Mictyris longicarpus, live on sandy beaches between the Bay of Bengal and Australia. It is one of Australia’s most loved crabs. Adults are 25mm (1 inch) across. They feed on detritus in the sand, leaving rounded pallets of discarded sand behind them.

The males form into large ‘armies’ along the beaches at low tide, before the crabs dig under the sand to wait for the next low tide. This is how they got their name ‘soldier crabs’.

January 25

Australia is my most perfect place in the whole wide world . . . .

Australia is my most perfect place in the whole wide world because it’s always hot and sunny. Which means I can always play outside! When we went back to Australia about a week ago, we stayed with my Mum and Dad’s friends. We were so lucky because they had a pool at their house. We swam a lot! My favorite thing to do in the pool was to dive in and get toys from the bottom.

I also like Australia because they have nice sandy beaches. We went to stay with my Nanni, who lives at the beach. We went for a long walk and collected some shells. We also went the park. Because it was low tide when we went for a walk, we saw hundreds of Soldier Crabs. My little brother Dexter was scared of them.

We had so much fun in Australia. They also have great food and drinks!